Chủ Nhật, 19 tháng 6, 2011

Hanoi 202

What a time its been since my last update. I have been very busy between  work, all the events we have been participating in, and trying to find places I want to go outside the city.

Here at CSIP, I have been given many opportunities to meet and talk with a verity of people in the field of social entrepreneurship. On Wednesday and Thursday. The World Bank hosted an event called, innovation day. This event was the final rounds of a competition of about 250 proposals. Specialists came from around the world (Phoenix, Canada, India, ect.) to judge the 30 finalists. out the 30 teams that were invited to innovation day, 16 walked away with capital to take their plan to the next level. CSIP partnered with the world Bank and we lent a hand on the second day with a mini seminar. Many of the participation lack formal education, and the information shared  gave them a better idea of what a Entrepreneurship looks like on paper.
Everyone will get a kick out of this. For lunch on Friday, my boss here at CSIP was nice enough to take us all of out for some Mexican food. It was interesting, It was wasn't bad for being in Hanoi, Vietnam. I guess this world is truly globalized if you can get an enchilada in southeast Asia. 
On the other hand when I was in Ha Long bay last weekend the seafood was fantastic. the freshest stuff I have ever had. To go along with the great food the scenery was unbelievable. Like nothing you could ever imagine. It looked strait out of Jurassic Park, I'll let the picture speak for its self. 

Thanks for reading 

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