Chủ Nhật, 29 tháng 5, 2011

First week in Hanoi


So I start this blog a week into my adventure to Hanoi, Veitnam. Every preconception you may have put it aside, and for a second everything you have seen in las cruces or for that part, LA or even New York throw that out the window. This South Asian city of  over 6 million people and over 4 million motorbikes has nothing fake about it.

Besides being the only white person and a head taller than everyone I think I blend in quite well.  The people are great, everyone wants to say the little bit of english they know to me and I return the favor with the travelers amount of Vietnamese I know. I have a sheet of common sayings that I have been trying to get down but I need to inroll into a class. The language itself isn't tough its the pronunciation. for example the way you spell ten and mosquito are the same.which I found out on my search for repellent. For some reason, when the doctor said no maleria in Hanoi I assumed no mosquito's, boy was I wrong. Maybe the 4th night I was here another volunteer and I from Washington State were sitting outside having a drink and we got eaten alive. A bad ending to the night when the mood was set when we heard beers 15,000 dong beers or about 70 cents american.
Well to close it off for this evening, I feel that I made the right decition coming here to Hanoi. I have a feeling I will learn a lot during my time here. I will be posting my thoughts and feeling next Friday.